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We'll attempt to help you get the questions that you have about restoring your classic car, or muscle car answered, all you have to do is ask, comments have been shut off due to unwanted spamming of the system, thank you for visiting our site.

Also please remember, if you'd like to be a full member of our community, and be able to post, and to download, you must be member of our ezine, in our ezine you'll learn about muscle car, and classic cars, and the restoration of them, also we have monthly performance tips. Our eaine will discuss a lot of different issues related to classic cars, and the restoration of them. Thank you for respecting our community rules, and the other community members. The Management.

Looking for used muscle cars for sale can be a tricky venture, you'll either find just the car that your looking for, or you'll listen to a sales person, who's job is to sell the car no matter what, I'm going to cover some ideas to help you get what you want in a used muscle car.

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  • As far as I can see the new 2009 Camaro concept car is being very well received in the automotive community, at the first a lot of people hemmed and hawed about one thing or another, just the same as I did, But after spending some time doing a little research on it, I discovered that the 2009 Camaro is a very well put together car for a concept car.
  • There are a lot of steps involved in getting your classic car restored, and it's best that you know at least a little about them so you don't get ripped off, now I'm by no means saying that most shops out there are going to rip you off, but there are a select few shops that make a living pulling little tricks, short cuts and work a rounds, and you don't want them doing this on your car.
  • This is an introduction to one of the most powerful muscle cars ever built.
  • What kind of car should I restore, this is a difficult question for anybody to answer for you, the main idea here is to ask yourself what you like, and once you know the answer to that you can do some research in to that particular car, there are some thing that you need to know before you start your restoration project, especially if you plan to do the work yourself, and not enlist the aid of a restoration shop.