GTO Judge

Yenko Camaro
May 8, 2014

In 1969 Pontiac created a car called the GTO Judge, and in my humble opinion, this was the pinnacle of their muscle cars; yes they did have the Trans AM, but it didnt have quite the reputation of the Judge, this was a very special car for the Pontiac motor company, the Judge could instill fear in most people who would want to race it. Now the whole reason for any motor company to create a muscle car, was simply this, they wanted to instill excitement in the younger car buyers, as they had started to lose sales to that sector of people, enter the GTO Judge, this car was built to excite, and that is just what it did, with its 400 CID engine, with the ram air III or IV option, if the owner wanted a bit more, ground pounding excitement they could step up from the Ram Air III to the barley Ram Air IV it would upgrade you to forged pistons, round port cylinder heads and 1.65:1 rocker arms.