Yenko Camaro

969 was truly the year for the Yenko camaro, this was the year that the car would prove it's self one of the meanest cars ever built, Don Yenko being the savvy person that he was, ordered the car form the Chevrolet Central Office Production Order,COPO with two of the packages that were highly coveted by racers of that time era. He ordered it with the 9737 sports car conversion, which provided a 140 MPH speedometer, sport suspension, and rally wheels, and then toped that off with the COPO 9561, which provided the L72 427 CID 425 HP engine, after Don got the cars at his dealership he would then add a graphics kit that included an arrow on the cowl hood, with two stripes moving back toward the passenger compartment of the car, he then added a big golf club stripe, that started at the front fender and went all the way to the back of the quarter panel on each side of the car, it ended with a little triangle on each end of the spoiler.