ZL1 Corvette & Camaro

It's not a long stretch from the ZL1 Corvette, to imagine a 1969 Camaro setup the same way, this woud be the ZL1 Camaro, the one that I told you that I seen an article on Mopar mag's web site about, by no means is this car any weaker then the ZL1 Corvette, it's just a different car, it came about as a spawn off of the Yenko Camaro, which was basically the same car, but with a cast iron 427 CID big block, rated at exactly the same horsepower & torque as the ZL1 but much heavier, right close to 300 pounds more. If your a car racer, you can obviously see the advantage of the ZL1 engine in any car, the lighter you are, the faster you go. the Gibb, Harrell racing team would be the one to make this car famous, and a good job they would do pushing the car to a high of 10.06 and an average 1/4 mile time of 10.30, which is awesome, even by todays standards fro a street driven car. The Zl1 Corvette only came in two colors, which were white or yellow, the white car was a t-top and the yellow one a roadster, both had 4 speed transmissions and the ZL1 427 aluminum big block Chevy, these cars were for the real men, the ones who could not be satisfied with anything less then the best, the strongest and the fastest. I seen an article on Mopar magazine's web site about the ZL1 Camaro, stating that it was one of the higest power cars ever built, and this was Mopar mag, this has got to tell you something, and this was the Camaro, not the Corvette, although setup the same way, with the same engine and drive trane it's a much different car, but that was just a pint of interest, and now back to the Corvette, not then or now is there any car that anything like the ZL1 Corvette, all kinds of people will want to argue this point, if you really want to prove it, well just find one of these cars and race it, and you'll learn the hard way, like most of the others before you.